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Japan’s poor decision on Tokyo Olympics is due to politicians’ thing?

I don’t understand the Olympics, do you?
I’m not in Tokyo right now.
The Olympics are so annoying!
The entrances to the highways and expressways were closed in some places. I couldn’t get on the highway at all, so I missed my flight. Aaah! I was so nervous.
I was on the edge of my seat.
They wouldn’t let me in.
It was kind of annoying.
There were no spectators anyway, right?
What’s the point of having traffic control? That’s what I thought. I wonder how far they want to go to inconvenience the Japanese people. That’s what I’m talking about.
The truth is, humans
There’s a consistency bias.
Once we’ve made a decision, we become stubborn and stick to it. We become convinced that we have to do it.
It’s a bias.
Once you’ve said yes, it’s easy to take that position.
It’s easy to take that position.
It’s exactly the same as this.
When we meet someone.
If you think this person is a good person
If you think that person is a good person at first impression, no matter how bad they are
You think he’s a good person.
On the other hand, if your first impression of a person is bad and you think he’s dumb
No matter what he does, he will always look like a dumb person. That’s what I’m saying.
Politicians are being swayed by consistency bias.
It’s hard to say “no” once you’ve said you’ll do the Olympics. Once you’ve said you’ll do it, it’s hard to say no.
Think about it the other way around, and you’ll understand.
If you don’t want to go to the Olympics.
If you had told me that the Olympics would not be held in Japan this year. I probably would have turned it down.
If you had asked me if I wanted to hold the Olympics, I probably would have turned you down.
So they said, “Let’s not do it.
If you had asked me if I would do it this year
If you had asked me if I wanted to do it this year, I would have decided not to do it.
But now that you’ve said you’re going to do it.
I can’t make a decision to quit.
It’s just that people who can’t make a decision are standing on top of the nation.
I don’t think the players or the people on the field are to blame. I think the people making the decisions are idiots, though.
Even if we hold the Olympics as usual.
It’s a deficit, isn’t it?
Even if you consider the economic situation of the country of origin. There’s no point in doing so, and there’s no audience.
How are we going to make it a positive thing?
It’s not going to benefit the country.
The Olympics are a huge money-making event.
I’m sure they make so much money it doesn’t matter if it’s Corona or not. I’m sure Mr. Bach makes a lot of money.
I’m not interested.
Do you want to see other people exercising?
I think it’s more beneficial if you exercise yourself.
If you have time to watch others exercise…
It’s more beneficial from everyone’s perspective.
I’m a rational person.
I’m a rational person.
I’d rather exercise too.
I’m not interested in that.
This is just my opinion.
I don’t think it’s necessary for me to do it.